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Recreational Music Making

For adults, teens & children.

This class is the perfect solution for the person who wants to play piano but doesn’t have time to practise.  Join a weekly 1 hour jamboree at the piano.  Be part of a piano band from the first lesson. There’s lots of great music to choose from. Separate classes for teens and children too!

Group Recreational Music for all ages Group music sessions with the music you love

Just for Seniors

Its never too late to begin learning to play piano music. Group lessons provide an opportunity to meet on a social basis and get to know others while enjoying the music you love.

All levels of experience or no experience welcome. Daytime sessions. Practice as much or as little as you like.

Private piano Lessons

Individual Piano Lessons

A private piano lesson tailored to the need of the student whether playing for enjoyment or for academic progress in BC Conservatory or Royal Conservatory levels.

It starts with a well rounded classical music program and is supplemented with pop music and arrangements I compose or transcribe from the student’s choice.

You Can Play Piano Today!

Learn To Play Piano Vancouver

Dr. Frank R. Wilson author of,

“The Hand: How Its Shapes the Brain, Language and Human Culture”.

Studying music makes a child smarter. It has a positive impact on reading and math skills. It’s a necessity for the total development of the brain and the individual.
From a very early age my child has shown a love for music, rhythm and dance and I want my child to have every opportunity to learn music.

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Group lessons for parent and child

Learning to Play Piano is


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Kathryn Rowe: 30+ years experience

Bachelor of Music: University of Victoria

Registered Music Teacher

Associate of Royal Conservatory of Toronto

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