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Music for all ages and interests

Private Piano Lessons, Vancouver BC

Individual Piano lessons at Learn to Play Piano Vancouver

Private piano lessons are tailored to the need of the individual whether playing for enjoyment or for academic progress. Private lessons start with a well-rounded program of classical music, which is the basis for all other studies in modern, sacred, rock and jazz music. The classical music study program is supplemented with pop music and arrangements that I personally compose or transcribe from the student’s choice to inspire them to love their practice time at the piano.

Five piano recitals spaced throughout the year give students an opportunity to develop poise and confidence as they perform for a friendly audience (fellow students and parents). Exams and festivals are encouraged and theory classes are available.

Regular home practice on an acoustic piano is essential for maximum benefit and progress.

Flexible year-round schedule.

30 min. Weekly - $92 per month

45 min. Weekly - $135 per month

60 min. Weekly - $180 per month

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